About Us

A letter of gratitude!


My name is Gaurav Raghani. I am a University of Warwick Alumni and a Mumbai based budding entrepreneur, now in my roaring twenties! I have just launched my very own fashion label called Label Dimple Raghani®. It is a brand that has arisen from the ashes of a pandemic, ready to lead the charge of a reimagined perspective to style.  Style that blends the energy and impulsiveness of the millennials and the Gen-z’s with intricate legacies that have spanned decades. Style that is grateful, compassionate, sustainable and inclusive. The seeds of this philosophy have been sown in the form of Label Dimple Raghani’s debut collection of designer embroidered denim face masks that are available for purchase on this website and would soon be listed for sale PAN India through other ecommerce stores like Amazon and Flipkart.

 Label Dimple Raghani® is not a start-up but an offshoot of a niche women’s fashion label named Dimple Raghani® that is spearheaded by my mother: Dimple Raghani. My mother birthed the Dimple Raghani® brand with humble beginnings and a strong family support more than 15 years ago and nurtured it with love, passion, diligence and commitment, through numerous highs and lows and now, numerous years later, it has been reborn.

Since 2016, the Dimple Raghani® brand has helped provide a purpose to my work life, by allowing me to experiment with a wide variety of career paths whilst simultaneously using its maternal qualities to shade and protect me from societal scrutiny and for that I am extremely grateful! Over these 5 years, I have built up a strong emotional connection with the brand and this connection is one of the major reasons I want to take the Dimple Raghani® legacy ahead and adapt it into the era of the millennials and Gen-Zs’! 

I feel extremely lucky to be backed by my father, Dinesh Raghani as I set foot to begin my entrepreneurial journey. My father is the greatest entrepreneurial teacher I have ever had. His immense entrepreneurial experience and his sheer technical knowledge of textiles and garments has ensured that I stay on the right path, meet the right people, learn from my mistakes and grow as a fashion entrepreneur! What's more is that he is providing me with his massive infrastructure of garment factories that he has built and grown by working Day and night for the better half of 3 decades!! I am extremely grateful towards him and feel elated to take his legacy ahead!!

My brother and best bud, Rohan Raghani is the creative backbone of Label Dimple Raghani®. He is a Swiss army knife of creative skills! He is the guy behind Label Dimple Raghani's designs, photoshoots, videos, creative posts and much much more! What intrigues me most about him is that he incorporates his own twist on modern creative design techniques and creates pieces with a perspective so innovative and out of the box that it leaves viewers floored in awe! It's because of him, that I feel confident in achieving Label Dimple Raghani®’s design philosophy and I am extremely grateful to have him on my team! 

My immense gratitude extends to my grandparents, uncles and aunts, all my friends and office and factory staff who have showered me with blessings and positive vibes and stood by me like rocks and supported me throughout my journey until till this point and further beyond!

And, lastly, I thank you, our dear customer for believing in Label Dimple Raghani and joining us in our quest to lead the charge of a reimagined perspective to style.  

 Gaurav Raghani.